About Rebecca

My names are Rebecca Enobong Roberts, Nigerian and I live in Lagos, Nigeria. Generally fascinated by  the development of economies and the economics of development. I am an advocate for youth empowerment, micro-finance as an intervention strategy,  primacy of politics in development and the good governance agenda. I a development professional,IMG-20130413-WA000budding policy and change maker,  I work in development.

Thank you for choosing to read my somewhat radical perspectives on development issues.

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5 Responses to About Rebecca

  1. sam olukoya says:

    Hello Rebecca, This is Sam Olukoya Lagos based journalist. I am trying to urgently reach you in connection with a quick TV interview I want to do with you on inequalities. Kindly text me your number. I am on 08033109772

  2. Do you have an idea of the population or the percentage of the middle class in Lagos?

  3. Nedoux says:

    Hello Rebecca,

    I am pleased to meet you.

    Your blog is full of depth. I like how thought-provoking your posts are.

  4. Emmanuel says:

    Just came across this blog. Interesting. I have recommended it to colleagues and my students. Keep it up.

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