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Governance for Development; Building on what works

 On Friday June 14, as  I tuned into the 2013 edition of the New York Africa Forum in Libreville, Gabon,  alot went through my mind. The focal points of this year’s forum centred on urgent issues ranging from pressing issues … Continue reading

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Decentralization in Nigeria

In less than three years, development experts around the world will be evaluating the Millennium Development Goal agenda (MDG) which was strongly centered on halving global poverty by 2015.Other MDG goals such as curbing hunger, access to clean water and … Continue reading

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Lets talk about this; there will never be another China

It is generally acknowledged that the role of the state in the market is vital in accelerating growth as experienced by the Asian tigers;  Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea, thus the applicability of this model became common with … Continue reading

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Is Democracy Ideal for Development?

The topic I want to explore today has the tendency to stir-up intense argument, but this is just my opinion on the subject matter and is by no means a standard. In comparing India to China, development economist Yasheng Huang … Continue reading

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What has Politics got to do with it?

Almost a decade ago when DFID began works on “drivers of change” politics and the political economy did not exist in donor discuss.  Recently, international communities and donors are paying more attention to politics as it relates to development and … Continue reading

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