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Looming Crisis as JP Morgan Chase Kicks Nigeria Out

On September 8th 2015, JP Morgan Chase(JPM) released a press statement stating that they had begun the process of discharging Nigeria from its Emerging Market Bond Index from this month, and that by the end of October 2015, Nigeria will … Continue reading

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My Comments on: Parking charges could boost Nigeria’s income by $10bn

VENTURES AFRICA – Currently, the Nigerian government is running low on revenue due to the steep decline in oil prices to less than 50 dollars a barrel. This has led many analysts to question how the national and state governments … Continue reading

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Africa Rising but are Africans rising?

The story of Africa’s rising(Nigeria) continues to mislead many experts on development proclaiming the “end of poverty,” activist Thomas Pogge contends that poverty won’t go away anytime soon, unless the rules that escalates inequality are addressed at their roots. This … Continue reading

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