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How Nigeria Can Navigate the Current Economic Uncertainities

When an economy is distressed, exchange rates become volatile and countries rush to stem potential risk. What risks should countries in this scenario mitigate —and how? The reduction in oil price has brought exchange-rate risk back to the forefront in … Continue reading

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Why President Jonathan Lost the Election to Buhari

The world is still in amazement over ex-military ruler Muhammadu Buhari’s wide margin victory against President Jonathan. This is a significant event for Nigeria’s democracy- and a huge win for the continent at large. Goodluck Jonathan’s quick congratulatory phone call … Continue reading

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Making Growth More Tangible Through Equality

Depending on what you choose to look at, this administration has done the most in Nigeria’s history to stimulate economic growth, however, the things it failed to as a result of ignorance or a lack of preparation to tackle the … Continue reading

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Africa Rising but are Africans rising?

The story of Africa’s rising(Nigeria) continues to mislead many experts on development proclaiming the “end of poverty,” activist Thomas Pogge contends that poverty won’t go away anytime soon, unless the rules that escalates inequality are addressed at their roots. This … Continue reading

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Inequality and Development in Nigeria

In 2011, it was reported that 80% of the world’s wealth was in the hands of 20% of the richest population. In many developing countries inequality remains on the rise even as the population of absolute poverty declines.  More broadly, … Continue reading

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