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Reducing Inequalities in Nigeria by 2030: SDG Challenges and Way Forward

Nigeria has a shared broad role in shaping out Agenda 2030, its explosive population makes it even more imperative. The Nation’s National Development Target must reflect the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). In theory, Nigeria’s commitment to the SDGs is sensible, however, in practice, there is little or no evidence to support the notion that the government is serious about achieving these goals. By all indications, there is no reason to believe that Nigeria will make any progress on the SDG. The Oxfam International Commitment to Reducing Inequality (CRI, 2018) ranks Nigeria 157 of 188 countries in the world. In accessing the commitment to reduce vulnerabilities, this report found no indicators of positive efforts by the government to mitigate the growing risk. Continue reading

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Africa Rising but are Africans rising?

The story of Africa’s rising(Nigeria) continues to mislead many experts on development proclaiming the “end of poverty,” activist Thomas Pogge contends that poverty won’t go away anytime soon, unless the rules that escalates inequality are addressed at their roots. This … Continue reading

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Rural Poverty in Nigeria

In development  reducing poverty is the name of the game however, intervention strategies more often than not are urban bias, leaving the rural poor to continue in their predicament. This post considers emerging thoughts on rural poverty, participation, safety nets, … Continue reading

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Is Democracy Ideal for Development?

The topic I want to explore today has the tendency to stir-up intense argument, but this is just my opinion on the subject matter and is by no means a standard. In comparing India to China, development economist Yasheng Huang … Continue reading

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What has Politics got to do with it?

Almost a decade ago when DFID began works on “drivers of change” politics and the political economy did not exist in donor discuss.  Recently, international communities and donors are paying more attention to politics as it relates to development and … Continue reading

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